Over the years we have utilised the services of many training companies …
you stand out among your competitors. Your company has been … the only company that was willing to be held to performance warranties. Your pass rate track record speaks for itself. Where your competitor’s pass rate is completely dismal, being less than 10%, you can be boastful of the 95% pass rate.

— Nalini Gangiah,
Head: Legal, Risk & Compliance, FNB Credit Card

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The Facilitation Workshop

There is less to fear from outside competition than from inside inefficiency,
discourtesy and bad service.

— Anonymous

South African corporations are spending billions on compulsory compliance training. Not all training organisations are doing justice to the process of skills development. And corporations are none the wiser, because from the outside, all training companies look alike. Invariably it’s the cheapest quote that wins the contract.

At THE FACILITATION WORKSHOP we are on a mission to help provide South Africans with the skills necessary to get jobs ... and to get the jobs done. We are on a mission to instill skills that can change people’s lives. We are on a mission to improve the quality of our workforce in a way that will make a positive contribution to our growing economy.

We don’t assume that a lack of skills is the problem, either. We take an enterprise-wide view of an organisation to develop solutions that will have a lasting, positive impact on the organisation.

We are so committed to producing measurable results that, when learners don’t make an effort, we don’t just close our eyes and take your money … we actually guarantee a pass rate of at least 80%. The industry norm in South Africa is 20%.

Need we say more?

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